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Time €
Time what it is and what it was supposed to be.

Time as it seems is not what it seems.

The most important thing to note about time is its ability to configure our life in synchronicity with the circle we are lucked into for the purpose of exploration of the multidimensionality that exist within a circle.

The dark side of this whole configuration is the way our ignorance is use against us and also used at the same time as food sustenance for the controllers of our system.
Time was initially uncovered by the Ancient astronomers and astrologist of the kemit and the Atlantians days for the purpose of reading and recording the events in order to study the ignored self.
The ignored self creates a cloud of ignorance that disallow the progression of consciousness into higher (more correctly put lower) vibrational reality.

{The vibration is lower when there are less movement of the particles of matter and therefore close to stillness, when the particles are close to stillness there is less collision hence the volatile condition which tend to create a higher dimensional reality.
Most metaphysicians would relate to higher vibrational state as a higher vibrational reality. but this is a confusion of language which I would like to gladly correct on this document.}

As we get back to the study of time ; let me draw you attention back to the purpose of time and how it has today been used against our very strong will.

Let’s start from zero velocity as in physics; at zero velocity we assume a particle is still, of course it is never still just our perception of it and our ability to measure this particular particle to the nearest zero point.
Once this particle is still by assumption; lets also assume we have a dot referencing the middle of a circle this particle is about to create, and that this same particle is about to start marking a circle that will eventually have a circumference, as the particle begins to move, the circumference of this circle begin to increase, eventually a pattern is established, at this exact point where the pattern complete one circle of a revolution, this is the 1st time, the birth of time.

if there were no observers to record these event then this time does not exist, but with greater imagination we know particles has always been in motion and therefore time has always been around.
One big flur of this measurement is that; time is not linear, time is simultaneous, all vibrating particles never really follow the same path in drawing out this circle, we tried approximation to suite and for comfort ability.

We refer to the periodic table where elements had been observed and classed by their behaviourisms, amongst plenty vibrating particles we observe a set of these particle and group them together based on a fact that they seem to vibrate in similar pattern, we then tag these group with a name like Hydrogen, we pick on another vibrating group and tag it Helium, it goes on.
But what make these particles behave this way, what are the forces behind the movement of these particles?
Do these grouped particles always behave the same way after they have been grouped or do they change properties eventually after it is no longer observed?
Why is atoms used to determine time accuracy?
Can a hydrogen group be alchemically changed into a helium group?
What has all this line of questioning has to do with time as we know it?
I will reveal answers to these questions as we proceed into this matter.
I will also demonstrate how the smallest of things create the biggest of things.

so the 360 degrees of our current watch and clocks are approximation of time, every day is different , every day should not be 24 hours, the planet should not complete its revolution about its point of axis in 24 hours constantly every day., the planet should not complete its circle around the sun every 365 days.

I will explain why in detail in part two of this discussion

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